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Welcome to The Flowing Zone

The Journey With No Destination

Hi, I’m Little Buddha and I’m in the zone.

You may not know my story: I was born a prince, but I left my birthrights behind- the status, class, money – and went into the forest. I wanted more, life’s real riches. I wanted to know infinite wisdom and change my world, so I meditated under the Bodhi Tree for years.
I aged, but nothing else changed on the outside; while all of my energy raised in frequency. That changed everything about me, the way I thought, felt, what I did and what I experienced.

Join me, I’ll guide you on your journey of no destination to a more vibrant, joyful, abundant, light-up version of you. Everything is energy first, so I’ll show you how to follow your energy, allow a replacement so you’ll light up and enjoy all of the riches life has in store for you.
The parrot? She’s my companion, I’m  love parrots.

Avoid Finding That Your Life Is Empty

People tell you to aim high- What does that mean?   A lot of people try to Accomplish things, they get degrees and pats on the back for having done something scholarly.   Others seek approval and admiration from anyone.   Is there anything wrong with this? No, but...

Self Image: The Number One Manifester How do you see yourself? You attract onto yourself as your energy is and as you believe. Your beliefs, come from your energy, since everything is energy first. Your energetic frequency is synonymous with your self-image, the way...